Selected Works

Scores for these and other works available upon request.

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המגדלית  Magdalene
for voice, violin, violoncello, piano, video, and found sounds

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performance by:  Rona Israel-Kolatt (soprano), Andrea Hallam (violin), Yotam Baruch (cello),  Tali Morgulis (piano), Taum Karni (conductor) [Vox Feminae Festival - Tel Aviv, Israel]

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…of mirrors and insects…
for clarinet, violin, violoncello, and piano

The title for …of mirrors and insects… is taken from a brief but evocative passage in Jonathan Safran Foer’s first book Everything is Illuminated.  The piece was composed with three distinct time layers in a fashion similar to how the novel works with its separate temporal layers.  As such, the quartet is essentially three pieces overlaid one on the other.

performance by: Accessible Contemporary Music Ensemble [Chicago, USA]

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Shadowbuilders for piano solo

Shadowbuilders addresses the challenge of building negative space in music. Rather than tones calling attention to silences, this piece attempts to invert this fundamental musical relationship by carving space for sound out of silence.

performance by: Stacey Barelos

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Orbits for saxophone quartet

The structure of Orbits is premised on the passing of notes, musical fragments, and textures from one instrument to another in every possible combination of the saxophone quartet.  In a more general sense, however, it is an attempt to create a sound world in which moments of intensity and convolution are contrasted with moments of silence and stasis.

performance by: Bohica Quartet [Bowling Green New Music and Art Festival]

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Gush for alto saxophone solo

One of a number of short solo works on fluid themes, Gush employs a steady stream of a small group of notes that slowly unfolds revealing a group of microtonally inflected passages and longer tones.

performance by: John Sampen

*   *   *

Drip for flute solo

One of a number of short solo works on fluid themes, Drip starts with a variety of resonant drips before slowly transforming into a large and diverse catalog of water impact sounds.

performance by: Claire Chase